Children of Narcissists


Why it is hard to leave an unhealthy relationship

Effects on the Body and Mind from Childhood Stressors

The Fear and Shame Around Asserting the Self

Having to do What Others Want to Feel Liked

Internalising the Narcissist

‘Always’ and ‘Never’ Ways of Thinking

Managing our Emotional World Through Addictions

A Deep-Seated Fear of Being Left by People

Pervasive Feelings of Guilt

Shame is a Feeling Which can Become a Belief System

Balanced Levels of Narcissism are Healthy

Paranoia becomes a Survival Mechanism in Early Life

How Constant Criticism Affects Body Image

A Long-Term Effect for Children of People with NPD

Different ways we protect ourselves

Techniques on relationships with narcissists at home or at work

What is Narcissistic Abuse? Tips for Healing

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Picture of Sarah Graham

Sarah Graham

I am a Counsellor, based in Bournemouth in the UK, with specialist knowledge of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I am trained in treating Complex Trauma. I work online and am insured to work in most places in the world.
Unfortunately, I can't work with people in the USA or Canada due to state licensing requirements.

Link to my Counselling Website Here