Clicking on these books will take you to where you can take a closer look and buy if you wish.

Nina W. Brown EdD, LPC

Nina W. Brown EdD, LPC has written a Grown-Up’s Guide to Getting Over Narcissistic Parents

Lindsay C. Gibson PsyD

Lindsay C. Gibson PsyD writes in an easy to understand way about emotionally immature parents and how to heal from the effects they have on their children.

Jasmin Lee Cori MS, LPC

Jasmin Lee Cori writes about how we can heal the effects of emotional neglect.

Judith Lewis Herman M.D.

Judith Lewis Herman MD writes in depth on the effects of trauma on children and society.

James F. Masterson M.D.

James F. Masterson was a prominent American psychiatrist who helped to bring the study, understanding and treatment of personality disorders, especially narcissistic and borderline, into the mainstream. He has written a few books on the subject. Search for the Real Self is for the layman.

Elinor Greenberg PhD

Dr. Elinor Greenberg is a graduate and a former faculty member of the Masterson Institute, founded by James F. Masterson. Dr. Greenberg has written a very accessible book which describes the Narcissistic, Borderline and Shizoid Personality Disorders. Dr. Greenberg prefers the word adaptation to disorder.

Peter Levine PhD

Peter Levine PhD has written several books concerning trauma and the effects on the body.

Bessel van der Kolk M.D.

Bessel van der Volk has written a best selling book concerning how childhood memories of trauma are held in the body.

Sue Gerhardt

Sue Gerhardt has written about how parental figures affect a child’s brain and this is backed up with scientific evidence.

Janina Fisher PhD

Janina Fisher PhD writes about childhood trauma and dissociation.

Suzette Boon, Kathy Steele and Otto van der Hart

Written by Suzette Boon, Kathy Steel and Onno van der Hart, this book is a skills training manual for individuals with trauma-related dissociative disorders. Please see link here for a more in depth explanation of what these may look like.

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